Beginner Ju Jitsu Edinburgh

Beginner Sessions at Edinburgh Jitsu Club

I thought it would be good to let you know why we have beginner sessions and what happens within them; and why it is we don’t just leave the door open all the time.

The Teacher

Sensei (the teacher) is responsible for those on the mat, their job is to ensure the safety of everyone during a self defense class – sometimes classes can involve contact with other beginners and senior members alike.

Its easier for the teacher to have lots of beginners together in one group – it’s easy to manage and saves repeating the same information over and over throughout the whole year. By keeping beginner sessions to two or three times per year, the first few sessions will have some repetition, but generally it allows for much more progressive learning.
The teacher can be asked questions at any time.

The New Student

A new student may feel intimidated if they are the only beginner during a class – by hosting a few beginners sessions throughout the year, new students tend to stick together and make friends with other beginners and higher grades in the process, really quickly and really easily. This makes the classes for the beginners more fun, more educational and really allows them to feel part of Edinburgh Jitsu Club. We are a very social and friendly club and we want you to have as much fun as possible.

As a new student in the Edinburgh Jitsu Club, you will have the close teaching attention of the Sensei and the senior members. Classes are more fun when there are other beginners attending and as a group, you will learn more quickly and easily with others who have (or may have) never done a martial art before.

The Senior Members

Some members have been coming to class for many years, beginners sessions allow them to go back to basics (which is incredibly good for them too) and reconnect with their basic material. They make friends with beginners quickly and easily because they’ve recognised a new member helps their JuJitsu substantially. Attention by the senior members is provided in the form of training partners and lower level teachers, helping new people grasp the basics quickly and easily.

Seniors can be asked questions at any time.

The Classes

The classes are designed to provide some fitness, but primarily focus on techniques and defences. There will be a little warm up at the beginning, followed by demonstration, followed by techniques and training. By the end of the class you will have learnt plenty of new JuJitsu and will be looking forward to the next class.

Come along and try a class with Edinburgh Jitsu Club, bring a friend for company and enjoy what could be the start of something pretty amazing in your future.


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